“Tinkering is what happens when you try something you don’t quite know how to do, guided by whim, imagination, and curiosity. When you tinker, there are no instructions—but there are also no failures, no right or wrong ways of doing things. It’s about figuring out how things work and reworking them. Contraptions, machines, wildly mismatched objects working in harmony— this is the stuff of tinkering.”
                  – The Exploratorium

I guess you could call me a tinkerer. The type of person that is always trying to invent a solution to a problem that does not yet exist.

I’ve been taking things apart and putting them back together since my age was counted in single digits. Be it as a hobby, a passion, a source of income or simply a way to fix something broken, DIYing has always been a main part of my personality and my lifestyle. The beauty of today’s day and age is that it is no longer necessary to reinvent the wheel when facing a new problem – Heck, YouTube probably already has a tutorial for it. This site is simply my humble shot at adding my grain of sand to the pile.

If my haphazard projects end up being something of your interest, or a potential solution to your predicament, then join along and let’s see where the trails inside my cluttered garage leads.

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