Helmet Quick-Release Buckle How-To

Helmet Quick-Release Buckle How-To

Last updated on May 28th, 2021

If you’re an ATGATT type of guy, then you know how much nicer it is to ride with gear that works with you, and not against you. That especially includes your helmet. There’s nothing worse than speeding off into the sunrise on a motorcycle…only to stop on the side of the road minutes later to fasten your helmet. All because you can’t buckle up the D-Rings with gloves on while riding. Thankfully, there’s a fix for that. Here’s how to add a helmet quick-release buckle to any helmet.
Project Specs:

Difficulty: Easy
Tool Requirements: Basic
Time: 2-3 Hours
Cost: 5$

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Custom Motorcycle Hip Armor from D3O

Custom motorcycle hip armor with D3O

Last updated on April 15th, 2019

So sometime ago, I upgraded some Kevlar jeans to give them maximum protection in a casual looking package. Among the upgrades was a custom tailbone protector. Though I looked around for a commercial option first, apparently no one sold standalone, CE rated tailbone protectors. I decided the cheapest and easiest way to get one would be to cut up a cheap  D3O CE Level 1 Back Protector and use that. With the material I had left over, I made some custom motorcycle hip armor for some other riding jeans I hadThis is that. Surprisingly, the result was so good that these days I’d rather do it again than buy the commercial solutions. To see how I did it, keep reading. Continue reading “Custom Motorcycle Hip Armor from D3O”