Augason Farms 72 Hour Kit – Survival Food Review

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Last updated on October 16th, 2019

Nothing sucks like going to bed hungry. Especially in the aftermath of a natural disaster, such as following a tropical hurricane without electricity or normal services. After deciding to get a survival food kit for emergencies, I wasn’t just going to put it away without trying it first. So I went three days without eating anything else. Having never really tried prepper food before, I found the experience pretty interesting. Plus, I learned a few things too. Here’s my review of the Augason Farms 72 Hour Kit, including the conclusions I reached.

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Motorcycle First Aid Kit

Motorcycle First Aid Kit

Last updated on May 28th, 2021

There is no need to speak about the risks of motorcycling. Not only is it inherently dangerous given the little protection it provides, but you’re also constantly exposed to the elements with all that that entails. Nonetheless, that only makes the experience even more thrilling and rewarding. As such, a compact motorcycle First Aid Kit (FAK), and the skills to use it, should be a must-have in any rider’s kit. Here I’m going to detail what I carry in my comprehensive First Aid Kit as inspiration for anyone else – As well as some tips. If you have any recommendations or suggestions of your own, I’d be happy to hear about them, too! But first, the prelude. Continue reading “Motorcycle First Aid Kit”